Recently I’ve been playing around with the relatively new platform, which is intended to be the social network for data people.  I tried some of the query and visualization features, as well as uploading datasets.  Seems it has a lot of promise and I really hope it takes off.  I think at the moment, the biggest challenge for me is how to distinguish which datasets are trustworthy and clean.  I also think they have an opportunity to greatly improve the search capability for datasets if they could provide advanced search directives, such as explicitly specifying fields, geographic locations, time frames or semantic tags.

Today, I received an email from listing 10 favorite features of their users.  They’re listed below and I’m sure exploring them could provide for countless hours of fun.

10) Add metadata with data dictionaries, file tags, and column descriptions
9) Instantly query and join .csv and .json files using SQL
8) Join your local data with other datasets in
7) Showcase your code, data, and documentation in Python and R notebooks
6) See inside files before downloading
5) Use integrations for R, Python, or JDBC to pull data into your tools of choice
4) Enrich your analyses with U.S. Census ACS summary files
3) Export datasets as Tabular Data Packages, a standard machine-readable format
2) Pull data directly into Tableau to create your visualizations
1) Add and sync files from GitHub, Google Drive, or S3


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